Why America needs a “mortgage czar”?

Congress calls for “mortgage czar” by Alister Bull and Mike Peacock Wed, October 3, 4:38 ETWashington clock / LONDON (Reuters) – Parliament on Wednesday called a “mortgage czar” to help cope with an expected wave of seizures of U.S. housing crisis, but Alan Greenspan said the credit crisis was over, the last thing America needs is Schlimmste.Das join the Congress in the housing market. The majority of the problem would be created by lenders who will qualify individuals knowingly allowed under credit or people that are not always able to apply for a loan or buying a house to a adjustable rate mortgage. People who support them are now calling for the American taxpayer to finance and bail out the millions of people who were financially unstable and unqualified, in the first place. I am not against the Americans to have a house. But I am absolutely against the financing of federal authority for millions of people that did not have to pay for qualifying.

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