Why am I so unhappy?

I come from a very bourgeois family, I left school before graduation and started my business at the age of 19 years, just about money for me and my family to win but since I started my business my life is ruined, I started a very small amount, if I did not have my own place for the office so I rented one, and never enough money to invest so I borrow from banks, card, gold, mortgages, etc., I work from 9.00 bis 11.00 clock 365 days started in the hope for the best and everything will be fine if the company is doing well .. But despite my efforts, and 1000% of working days lasts long and stressful, I can not change anything …. My daughter gave me Frnds back eight years and married to someone else, because I failed in life, now I’m 35 and not married the clock, I do not know what to do, I ‘ I lost my hope for life, I do not have a savings, huge loans in the banking and credit cards, although I never spend a single amount for me, we have small amount of gold in our family, they are not in the mortgage and interest paid on this point. I promised my mother that I take the gold medal again soon, but I could not … very soon, I think I have my business with Rs 30 lakh loan and 15 years of hard work in the area .. All my efforts are in vein .. I have nothing more to me .. I am a complete failure, I lost everything in life .. Every night I spend in prayer to God that this will be my last sleep and I do not want to wake up in the morning, unable to sleep … I lost all hope of life I want to kill me ….. Can someone help me, I can do ………………….

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