why AM I having bad luck???

6 months now whaoo! I been having the worse luck ever I just got back from El Salvador I had to go take care of my grandma and got back in Nov and haven’t found a job yet, creditors are calling me all the time, the bank want their car b/c I haven’t pay anyways is not like I could drive it I haven’t got it inspected do to not having money, I had to move in with my mom, I have no money at all if I were to look in my purse right now is empty and my bank acct is in the minus.. and when I get interview for a job they either tell me sorry but we check your credit score and yours is too low or they want you to have a good driver license which I don’t do to not been able to pay some tickets.. I feel so sad most of the time and I’m not able to understand why this happens to me well to us .. b/c my boyfriend who is in El Salvador is going through the same is like I don’t know I usually don’t believe in witchcraft but maybe this is was going on or maybe is GOD thats doing this but why? I need hel

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