Who to turn to for debt advice?

My wife and I have approx $ 45k in unsecured debt and second mortgage already. We’re paycheck to paycheck paying min payments now and its pretty uncomfortable.

I don’t want to shirk my responsibilities but we’re in a rut, treading water and not going anywhere. What type of professional should I trust? I’d like to sit down face to face with somebody. My research in different debt consolidation services scares me as does the thought of bankruptcy but for all I know, those are viable choices but I’d really like to talk to a neutral party to help me decide what to do.

A CFP would be more investment oriented right? Are there any government sponsored organizations statewide that are good?

We have a budget already and have cut down monthly expenses (tv, phone etc)to a minimum, living modestly. We analized a debt repayment plan but based on our surplus cash were looking at 4-5 years to get out by using the debt snowball thing. That is also assuming no financial hardships popping up.

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