Who should I see to get a home mortgage loan?

My daughter is getting ready to buy a home from a family member. The family lawyer will handle the actual transaction. She needs to get a loan for the mortgage.
Should she talk to her bank (Wachovia) or a mortgage company? Which is cheaper as far as their fees? Who could give her the best interest rate considering how the sale will be handled?

there is no real estate agency or agent involved. She only needs to borrow $ 50,000.

the only thing I know is she needs to go ahead and get pre-approved now so she can be ready to buy as soon as the final price of the house is set.

HELP, Please????
To Kayleigh: Well, we do know this much. It will be a fixed rate loan for between 15 and 30 years. The shorter the better.

I just ran my husband’s credit report and noticed that six different accounts appear for his Stafford Loan for graduate school. The loans are all through the same bank – Wachovia. Each semester they take out these loans so therefore it looks like he gets a new student loan every 6/7 months. First, can we correct this? Second, why are there six different accounts? Third, will this affect his credit score and therefore our chances of a lower interest rate on a home mortgage? Any information would be very helpful – I don’t even know where to begin.

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