Who should I contact about Mortgage Fraud?

I had a loan through Ameriquest years ago (loan shark company who went out of business in the financial crisis). Then they sold my note to Citibank, who then sold it to a third-party investor. They in turn hired a two-bit mortgage servicing company called AHMSI, who I’ve notice has a really bad reputation for foreclosing on peoples’ homes without merit. They said I didn’t have insurance when the whole time I did. They then purchased their own policy for $ 500 over my policy and added it onto my mortgage note as an escrow thereby increasing the monthly note by $ 300 per month. Now that I’ve got that straightened out, one year later I’m nowhere near getting this straight. They have damaged my credit score and are trying to say that I owe them enormous amounts of money, when all the while I paid extra. The only thing I owe them is $ 870 because they stupidly paid out my homeowner’s insurance (which they claimed I didn’t have). I’ve ben fighting this for over a year and a half. I need help. Please point me in the right direction of the state or federal agencies who watch these predatory companies.

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