Who has personally filed bankruptcy?….?

Besides the obvious credit damage for number of years, what are some of the other damaging consequences of a bankruptcy filing that no one would know unless they have filed themselves?

I have read just about anything that i can get my hands on on bankruptcy but i wanted to know from people whom have actually gone thru the process themselves.

basically need to know which i should file 7, 11, or 13 and why?

I have a very ailing business, should i file personal or business bankruptcy?

can i keep my house which is upside down in loans?

basic do’s and don’ts, before and after the filing. for instance:

I haven’t filed my taxes for 2008 yet, should i file for my taxes before or after filing for bankruptcy?

i want to refinance my house first mortgage, should i refinance before or after bankruptcy?

I am about to get a job, should i start before or after bankruptcy?

thank you in advance

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