Who gives mortgages to people with recent poor credit history?

If you have a recent bankruptcy and foreclosure that was included in the bankruptcy, all within the past 2 years, where can you go to get a mortgage?

For example, we are looking at a house around the $ 150,000 range, and can put down about $ 60,000 or $ 70,000. I talked to a guy at my bank, and he said it wold be 3 years until anyone would give us a loan, as in, 3 years after the foreclosure which hasn’t even happened yet, but the chapter 7 was discharged a year and a half ago.

I know it would be a higher interest rate. Can anyone at least give me an idea of who to call? A bank isn’t going to work, who else is there?
I have looked a tiny bit into seller financing. Is there a good website or something anyone recommends where I can read about it.

I would think you would have to spend more to get something, not to mention get a lawyer to make sure the contract is good.
Isn’t there a pretty big risk putting down a huge down payment on a seller financing? I mean, who does that down payment go to anyway?
seller financing seems FAR to risky to put down a big down payment.

I guess renting will have to do

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