who does my land belong to?

i live in baltimore city i am the property/home owner. this is a problem for me because of an old law back in the 1800’s 1900’s stating that the land that your house was built on you were obligated to pay ground rent once a year. my home is a family home sold to me and even though i purchased it i am still confussed as to where i can find out about the owner of the ground if any,the old owners never responded to my parents,their lawyer as well to my request to purchase the lot in which my brick row home occupies. the last money order that was sent by my grandmother 2003, was returned addressee unknown. also she overpaid this account @10 yrs, by paying twice a yr. whatever was overpaid i would like to get it back for my 85 yr old grandma or apply the proceeds to my purchase of the groundrent!!!

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