who do you think has the better idea?

ok this little debate is between myself and an older cousin.
first off you have to know that we have total different perspectives. for one she prefers the city because she needs cable, contract phones, city water and sewer and she wants to buy a stick built home later. while i not only prefer the country i need it. all i need is satelite, prepaid phones, well and septic. and i am planning to buy a modular home of my design later on.

her idea – she has been moving on from apartment to apartment and has finally saved some money to get a loan so she can purchase 1/2 an acre of land. she has only saved enough to buy a mobile home that would later be moved to the land. it is not really in the city but its not in the country either. it is a piece of land that is able to have utilities and city water/sewer hooked up. she plans on living in the mobile home for some time and later selling the mobile home with the land and then stepping into yet another loan to get a stick built and a mortgage. thing is she plans on getting a profit. she has also not yet decided on whether she will get a new or used but is leaning towards new. (28 yrs.)

my plan – i have actually saved up $ 100,000 cash and have a 50 acre piece of land that cost $ 45,000 that i am about to close on. it is out in the boonies of the country. i am also going to set up a well and septic and will later be purchasing an outside bathroom (shower, sink and toilet) building that has a well and septic setup.(for water and waste) the reason i am going to purchase the building is so i will have a bathroom because i have recently found a travel trailer that i am interested in. it has a bathroom but i really don’t want to dump and fill the tanks unless neccesary that way i don’t get in trouble for hooking it to well and septic.the bathroom in the trailer will however be used for emergencies and winter. i am also going to get a generator for power and rv satelite. the trailer will probably be used unless i have enough money(cash) left for a new one. also i want to make it private property but i dont know how to go about doing that. (18 yrs.)

so who do you think will save the most money in the long run and who do you think has the better idea. just give your total and completly honest answers. (also don’t just say mine is better because you think you will get the best answer.) the person who gets best answer will be the one who makes and opinion and actually explains it by pointing out the pros and cons.
first off i am not lazy because if don’t ask their won’t be anything to research. also i wasn’t even going to ask it on here but i can’t sleep and i needed something to make time pass.
you don’t have to point out a whole lot i just want to know like 1 or 2 reasons why you think what person is better off.
as for how i saved it up i have saved like every one of my paychecks and my parents had started a college fund for me and i started adding my paychecks to it and thats what i ended up with. thing is i got a scholorship where i dont have to go to college for 3 years before it runs out so now i dont really need the money for college. so, yea

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