White collar crimes, predict sentencing?

Working on law class. Supposed to predict sentences for white collar crimes. No levels or points provided, just vague descriptions.

All crimes assume defendant pleas and cooperates, with no past criminal record. Give me your best prediction of a sentence for each crime.

1. Person lies on his mortgage application inflating income by 50% to obtain a $ 300,000 mortgage loan he intends to pay.

2. Used car dealer rolls back miles on 30 autos, inflating value by a total sum of $ 110,000 in gains he would not have reaped.

3. Man sells a car online for $ 15,000, takes payment and skips town. Never delivers car. Used internet and mail. Charged with 1 count mail fraud.

4. Pastor of church uses church donations to support his gambling habits in the sum of $ 350,000 over 5 years.

5. Online art dealer sells $ 8,000 in fake counterfeit prints to 100 buyers. Uses internet and mail. Charged with one count mail fraud.

6. Son of elderly mother who has dementia takes out loan on home to pay off his business debts from debunk business without mother’s consent. Total sum is $ 180,000.

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