Which was more costly, the current mortgage crisis OR the losses incurred during the Savings and Loan scandal?

Also, can anyone toss in S&L numbers adjusted for inflation?

If not, no big deal.

I have a Pick-A-Payment Mortgage Loan with now Wachovia that a Mortgage Broker had set us up with in 2003/2004. I learned that I’m a class B and will receive benefit from a Class Action Settlement. Should I sue the Broker for putting me in this type of mortgage, stay as part of the class action lawsuit and hopefully get whatever $ benefit; or opt out of the class action lawsuit and get my own Real Estate Attorney? My current mortgage increases each month because of the deferred interest. I can only afford the minimum payment (Interest due, less deferred intest, paid escrow, interest due) that pays for no principal but only the interest. We were denied HAMP three times; we were told we should now attempt the Mortgage Assistance Program 2 (MAP2R) next. Thank you in advance…

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