Which is worse: Foreclosure or Bankruptcy?

I’m a single mother of one and disable veteran. I use to work a PT desk job at Sun Trust until I was laid off. I am no longer receiving unemployment and have been looking for a job for months now without any success. I get $ 1,100 a month from the VA for my service connected disability. My mortgage is $ 1,000.

I have been MAINTAINING for the pass few months by putting my mortgage and utilities on my credit cards, then paying for my credit cards, food, gas, and etc. with my $ 1,100 disability money.

Not the brightest thing I no but I’m scared of being late on ANY bill, I’m scared of losing my house, and I’m VERY scared of the idea of bankruptcy.

Each time I use my credit card to pay my mortgage its done has a cash advance with extra fees. All of my credit cards are almost MAX out. I really need some advise…

Please give my some suggestion? Is there anyway to SAVE my house?

Do you know of any programs or options for me other than a foreclosure or bankruptcy?

If not overall credit & future wise which is worse: foreclosure or bankruptcy?

My car is old and paid for. I have already downsized and everything I call think of. I have NO CABLE, NO INTERNET at home, NO CELL only a landline. I do not eat out. In addition my son no longer does to daycare since I am unemployed.

This is my 1st house and I have owned it for 4 1/2 years now without ever being late (It’s not the bigest, but I got it when I was 21 by myself and it’s all that I got! I work very hard it get the house). Go laid off and now I’m at risk of losing everything I’ve work for…

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