Which is the best Debt Settlement company to work with?

I’m not talking about debt consolidation or credit counseling. I have over $ 50,000 in credit card debt at relatively low single digit interest rates for the most part. I got into this mess from being unemployed twice for a total of about a year and a half a few years ago. I am now employed again at a good job, but I will never get out of this debt as is. My credit score is currently about 700, but I am more than maxed out in terms of debt relative to income. I don’t own a home and never have, but I will never be able to afford one with the credit card debt I have.
I had zero credit card debt before I became unemployed the first time. I also have $ 60,000 in student loans to pay off.
I don’t know, I might qualify as non-human. I have a budget and stick to it mostly, and I was always good with money before those stints of unemployment. Right now my minimum payments are just so high that I can’t make ends meet, and can’t pay off any extra. I can’t buckle down and spend any less than I already am. I am already fully buckled down.
It sounds like my best option might just to be to stop making payments and let my credit score get trashed, and then try to settle up. I was thinking it would be better to work with a debt settlement company than try to do it all myself. But maybe not.

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