Which Insurance Broker Is Best For Single Items Of Jewellery

Recently, I bought my then girlfriend an engagement ring and I would like to get it insured.

However, our home & contents insurance cover only offers vouchers to the value of the jewellery with one of their certified suppliers (one of the big chains most likely).

As I bought the ring from a Jeweller who made it bespoke to my requirements, I would much rather (in the awful circumstance that we lost or had the ring stolen) have an insurer who will give me cash so I can go back to the same jeweller and get it replaced properly, not with some crappy chain.

The Jeweller has provided me with valuation certificates and obviously receipts for the ring and I’ve taken plenty of photos of it.

So basically, I just need to know if anyone can recommend insurers (for the UK) who can provide a single-item cover as I’ve described?

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