Which credit card should I choose as a cardholder first time?

I need help! I feel so overwhelmed with all the options out there – especially without understanding how to search all the hidden fees, etc. .. I only have debit cards as a college student, but now that I graduated, I have to start building a credit history. I’m a credit card as you would use with a debit card – which means that I have no plans to have a balance from month to month, or charging more money than I have in my account corriente.Lo Ideally, I need a card that * Do not start or annual fees * No “hidden” costs, such as inactivity fees for rewards, etc. * April * It has a low has a month – 30 days grace period is there such a card (and fixed?) And of course it would be nice, one that offers rewards (no need for you to have received an excellent balance!) To find, but my biggest concern is no fee or worry too much out of paying my bill to pay every month. I need something as close as possible to a debit card! Appreciate suggestions! 🙂

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