Where is the best place to go for a Mortgage REFI?

OK, so I did the Lending Tree thing and they sent me to HFC they sucked and gave me a 11.64% rate

I then went to Bank of America on my own and they were gonna give me 6.5% with PMI first combining both my 1st and 2nd mortgages and a studend loan. Then they said there wasn’t enough to pay out the student loan, then they couldn’t include the second mortgage and now they can’t give me 100% financing and want cash out of pocket.

My current mortage is an ARM and I’m screwed if I don’t find a great REFI soon.
I’m sick of all this nonsense and BOA has screwed me around for the past 2 months. Back and forth with phone calls and paperwork that they need.

Who can help and who is the best to REFI with?
any suggestions on WHO?

Thanks for your help in advance.
I need a great fixed rate (6.5 or lower) with no out of pocket expenses and a 100% loan.

And don’t cotact me if you’re a broker…. that’s shady
I didn’t say I was opposed to working with a broker…
I said that it would be shady for someone that is answering my question to be one and to expect me to work with them because of this post.

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