Where is stimulus for people that are financially responsible?

I hear in the news constantly about programs being put in place to help homeowners who are behind on their mortgages. I can totally sympathize with those who have lost jobs, have reduced salaries and higher bills. My anger is more geared toward government and banks.

No one considers those who are making their mortgage payments on time because we were smart enough to read the fine print, ask questions before signing, living within our means and getting a fixed rate loan instead of a too good to be true adjustable rate mortgage. My husbands business has been stalled for a good 8 months (its still very very slow, not enough to meet the bills) and our savings (yes we were smart enough to have a few months of his salary in savings because he’s self employed) has dwindled to the point where its getting scary. How come the government is so hellbent on bailing out people that couldn’t have made these types of payments in the first place, but signed the papers anyway? I even read some article where the lady said she was “made to sign”. To me, that’s a load of bull because I’ve threatened to walk away from a settlement when I didn’t get what I was told would be the terms. You’ve never seen a real estate agent jump so high as when threatened by the prospect of no commission when they were betting on making $ 5000 off of you! No one put a gun to her head and threatened her with a house if she didn’t sign. Anyway, I digress….

Why don’t they offer “rewards” to those that aren’t losing their homes, who don’t carry a huge balance on their credit cards, who spend responsibly and the like?

Its very disheartening and frustrating to hear every day that this or that program is going into place that you don’t qualify for unless I decide to consciously stop paying my mortgage, when all your life you’ve lived within your means and it means nothing at all now.

Am I the only frustrated homeowner that doesn’t need a bailout but still feels that there should be a break for us as well? I’m not talking cash. I’m talking maybe two years of half payments, so we can all be on the same track. My financial strength is dwindling. By the time I can qualify for one of these programs, there will be no programs. Or perhaps an incentive to refinance and offering customers such as myself maybe an entire percentage point BELOW whatever their best rate is for not ever coming close to foreclosure. Any one else have any ideas?

I am not a rich person, I have two kids, one in high school and one we’re putting through community college (and yes we planned for that as well with a state college fund program when they were in diapers), I just finished putting myself through college and I still don’t make over $ 40K. How is it that I can afford my modest house, still pay everything else on my measly salary and I get no government consideration for any form of incentive to keep doing what I’ve done for all my life?

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