where did the additional funds go?! (kind of long, please answer!)?

My husband refinanced our home with wells fargo financial (NOT the same as the actual Wells Fargo, we found out a few weeks ago) on a 12 year note in 2008. it was originally a 30 year term. we had been dating for about 6 months, so it was really none of my business at the time. the payment went from a little under 500 per month to 950.80 per month. turns out the interest rate is 10%. the more I dug the more pure crap I found. the original rate was 10.82%, they sold him $ 3060 worth of points and it sits at 10%.the total paid to the other mortgage company was about 61,000. closing was about 3000. there was also a small personal loan rolled into that for about another 3000. that total should be about 70,000, right? WRONG!! there was like 9,400 on the “amount paid to borrower” line, bringing our total financed to 79,000!!! problem is, he didn’t receive any money, not a single penny! He did receive what he thought were credit cards from WFF on like 3 different occasions, but he shredded and trashed them because he thought they were just credit cards and didn’t want them. were they some kind of prepaid debit card with a loaded balance of 9400 bucks? if so how do we access it now, after 3 years? we have paid 10% on it and could really use it to refinance! there is no credit card reporting on his credit, but we haven’t gotten any statements from a WFF account saying we have a balance, which makes me think they were prepaid debit cards. they weren’t even activated! we are fairly confused, and I will be calling WFF and our loan officer at Churchill mortgage first thing monday morning, but I thought I’d try to dig up some info in the mean time. any ideas??? what an awful company to have dealt with! obviously we aren’t the only ones, from what I’ve googled.

by the way, Churchill Mortgage did not sell us this garbage, they are who we are working with to refinance and have been WONDERFUL!

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