Where can I get training to be a loan officer in NYC?

I’m thinking on a career change, preferring to be commercial lender rather than a mortgage-lender if there’s any difference. If possible what are the fees, license, etc..,thanks.

I am really interested in this. One of my neigbors has 12 years of expirience and loves it, and makes decent money. She has offered to train me and everything, and she needs help because she said she has about 50+ loans to do at the moment.
Anyway, how much money do you think I can expect to make in my first year. I know it may not be much, and thats okay because this is something that I think I would really like doing. Im working on a BS in business, so this should go hand in hand. I had one job before, but my boss was pretty much a jerk, and wasnt training me.
What do you think?

I know the market is bad right now, but I think thats why its a good time to start….while its slow, and I live in Tampa, so its a pretty big area!

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