Where can I get money for a major home repair if you have no credit?

Our steam boiler operating on gas just conked out and it’s cold where we live. We desperately (and quickly) the need for a new boiler and is filed the $ 6,000 cost of the boiler and installation. I favor, but does not work (I’m 34 weeks pregnant) and my husband is a very good job within a reasonable return, but no credit history. We tried several times over the last two months to get a home loan or a credit card, either, but nobody is willing to provide us with either (my mom calls me a mortgage but we make a mortgage payment in order to obtain a mortgage loan is made on our behalf). How on earth can you get $ 6000 once we have the heat going before it gets very cold, and we have to worry about the newborn? I have not tried yet my personal loan, credit union, it would be more likely if the chain of the bank for a personal loan to us in this situation, where there is an emergency? The problem is that my husband is not a credit, not to bad credit. We applied jointly to two different credit cards and two different home loans within three or four months, we’ve turned everywhere we went.

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