Where can I get a loan, with no credit quick??

I need a quick loan for the sum of $ 2,000, but I have no credit supposedly!! I already went to CitiFinancial and Eastern Credit Union and they told me, “I did not pass”!! As if you were taking a test or something. It’s true I have “no credit”, cuz I don’t want any credit cards, it will get me in deep trouble. I have applied to alot of credit cards, but I keep getting denied. So, the way I think, it’s better like that, cuz it’s not meant for me to have any credit cards!! Please help….I need to make a mortgage payment right away or they will take my house away!! I only owe one payment, that is February!! I have been keeping in touch with them to let them know we are having financial difficulties, which unfortunately is true!! HELP….!!! Sincerely, Yvette

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