Where can I find a mortgage company to finance my automobile loan into my mortgage?

Where can I find a mortgage company that will pay off my old mortgage. Then let me buy a new doublewide to put on this property. But also let me refinance my automobile and credit card debt all into one monthly fixed rate of thirty years. Is it possible to finance your auto loan in with your mortgage???????
I have a house on this property the old home place ok house, but has no block foundation under it so basicly worth nothing but on the other half of the acre I want to put a house. This is a one acre lot in total with a five year old new vinyl sided garage. I owe $ 11,000.00 on the entire 1 acre.I want to refinance the 11,000. plus borrow enough to pay off my truck and buy a new home and would be nice to pay all my credit cards off and enought to put my power service in and build two porches on the new house. Comes up figuring tight to about $ 100,000. dollars. Will they go that kinda loan anyone??????

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