Where can I find a mortgage calculator to see differences if I pay more principal?

The only ones I am finding are for new loans. I need one where I can plug in what I owe on my mortgage interest rate etc then how much I would save by adding additional principal each month. We already pay some additional principal but I want to compare it to my mortgage company’s bi-weekly payment plan.

Historically, home prices are super high compared to the average earnings even though the huge drop has already happened. People are angry that they are losing equity, are underwater on their loans, and some just walk away from their loan because they are paying a lot more than their worth. So I don’t see TARP or anything like that helping or protecting people’s home equity.

I bought a SUV last year and the deal was either $ 5,000 off (and have 10% financing) or no rebate and offer 2.99% interest rate. To me, those who took the 2.99% deal paid $ 5000 more for the same SUV. For the dealership though, they were able to sell it for more than what others thought it might be worth.

I think housing prices still need to go down a lot more. I am wondering if the government can offer incentives or interest free loans to banks so that they can offer super low rates in the 3% range to get people to buy at these higher prices. Then the economy awakens again. Yes there will still be foreclosures but then a turnaround will be coming quicker.
I have talked to realtors over the past few years and it is always the same. “There is no way rates will go lower than now.

So is my idea correct or is there pretty much no way we can have 3% mortgages. If not 3%, how far down can they go?

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