Where can i find a loan?

I’m Looking for loan in Phoenix, az?
Personal or mortgage.
willing to negotiate on interest rate.
let me know if you can help.

must have a local representative (so if you’re in dubi or S. Africa then don’t bother trying to get my personal info by e-mil 😛 )

Our status:
married couple.
$ 20k in the bank.
His scores: 624 ; 608; 578
Her Scores: 634 ; 621 ; 641
INcome: $ 40k+ / yr
OUTcome: $ 1185 / month
House price to purchase: $ 30k to $ 40k total purchase price.
Up to $ 20k available for down payment.

no credit cards or credit card debt.
both cars paid off.
Errors in credit score.

Let me know if you can help. 🙂

no debt counselors please.
RE: Roderick_Young
“With a 50-60% down…bank or mortgage broker…find a seller-financed mortgage.”
–Most lenders won’t even consider less than a $ 50,000 loan. the minimum scores needed today appear to be about 640. so not only are we not “Worth their investment”, we’re also “a high risk”

“How bad are those errors on your credit score? Do you have any debt at all (student loans, etc.)? can fix..errors…scores to 700…lenders will want…you.”
==There are about 100pts of errors on our credit reports. Stuff from her ex husband, a student loan collections that says i hadn’t paid since 05 even though i have bank statements proving otherwise – they are try trying to bully me to sign an agreement to raise my interest rate.

“If those are really your monthly expenses…a year from now, you can pay cash for a $ 30k home”
== That’s what we thought a year ago when homes were $ 20k. now we have $ 20k and they are about $ 35k. :/
ABU – i said i will only deal with a local representative. I’m not about to give out my personal information to some stranger’s e-mail. yes, i gave my credit scores. but credit scores are useless unless you know who they belong to.
Lord how i hate all the bots.

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