Where can I find a bridge loan to the federal tax credit for housing?

I’m in a difficult situation. I have a big mortgage commitment for a property in Massachusetts, but it requires 20%. I am very close, and with the tax credit of $ 8,000 in advance will allow me to close the loan. I have another FHA mortgage requires a commitment that only 3.5% down, but it has a higher interest rate. ? I also UFMIP and MI for five years for which the loan zahlen.Wie very unattractive I put my hand on the closure of $ 8000 Do not tell me you can not: http://www.boston.com / m business/articles/2009/07/15/mass_oks_advance_on_home_buyer_tax_credit/Ich “looking for more programs like this look, I’m not always a MassHousing loan.

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