Where are the low-income home mortgage lenders that actually make home loans to families with low incomes?

Where are these so-called low-income home mortgage lenders I hear so much hoop-la about? I’ve been searching for months and have yet to find one that actually makes these loans. Most won’t make a loan for less than 100k. Others won’t touch you if your monthly income is less than 2k a month. The rest won’t touch you unless you have good credit. If your actually low income you can’t afford to buy anything on credit (even if you could find someone to extend you credit), thus your credit is considered poor because you don’t have any credit history. The catch 22.

My basement wall has caved in and winter is coming. My husband who used to be a liscensed contractor says that if it is not fixed before winter our house will cave in. We have tried all state and local agencies with no luck. Our insurance through our mortgage company doesn’t cover this type of damage. We have a low income household and we need to know where to look for help.

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