When I told my banker, I shopped the loan to get a better price? Is it too risky to another lender?

I have owned small businesses over 10 years, so I went into my pre-approval of a mortgage bank. The bankers seem to think it is to deal with the sale and the interest rate will not budge. He said that the FHA “is what it is, without any flexibility.” We also had been pre-qualified (not pre-approved) with a lender who was referred to us. He says he is ready to cut wages by almost a quarter-point rate (no points or fees). I do not tell me that the lender bank, I shopped the loan, but I told him I received an email this morning to offer the lowest prices. He said it was just a publicity hook and again that “prices are the prices.” Should I tell him I have a lender offers me a discount? When I go to my bank transactions can be smooth as they do their business. Other lenders will require much more in our statements and things like that, and I am a little worried about my illness, they dwell on the corporate structure and bureaucracy . But the idea of ​​paying one quarter of it is enormous. What should I do?

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