What’s your opinion on Michael Moore?

I personally think this guy is smart, he has made millions telling the world the flaws of the USA. I went to the theater to watch Sicko, the only thing I did not like was when he went to my homeland Cuba (Cuba’s health service is mediocre, example..you need to bring your own sheets and pillows to hospital). This time around Mr. Moore will tell people around the world how corrupted this country is, with those delinquents steeling monies on Wall Street. In simple words from 1 to 10, 10 been the worst, Mexico is like a 10 when it comes to corruption and I give the States a 5 or maybe more. Here are some examples, I know some of you will say, go back to Cuba if you don,t like it here…jajajajaj..the problem is that somo of you can,t face the truth.

1-Many stupid people thought that their 401 k was safe..jajajaj..wall street is run by crooks.
2-Now you have agencies making money on your hard work.
3-Health Services, is very mediocre, you loose your job..and bye .bye health insurance. more than 40 millions uninsured.
4-You park in towns that they give you a ticket for almost anything.
How come millions of you don’t have jobs, how come house prices are going down?, why are we paying way more for almost anything?

Cuba was extremely corrupted before Castro with Batista and before Batista….but the States is not way too far behind, just remembered,,,remember Congressman Toricelli from New Jersey and Senator Stevens from Alaska….crooks….like many more of them…..

Capitalism is 100 times better than Communism, but has lots of flaws…you have to be blind not to see them…..I think this is a great country if you compare it with latin american countries…but the states has lots of flaws.

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