What’s the first step towards buying a house?

I have house that my boyfriend and I are looking at buying, but I don’t what step to do first. Together, we have no credit. No bad credit, but no good credit. What do I do first? (About the no credit, I have actually talked to somebody, I think he’s a mortgage consultant, about a house I was going to buy before and he mentioned something about Alternate Credit sources. How could that help? What does that entail?)

1. Go to the bank about a loan?
2. Go to a mortgage company?
3. How do I get the first time buyer’s credit loan? What does that entail?
4. The house is going for 70,000; she’s willing to go 65,000.
5. It’s in England, AR.
6. What would my approximate payments be, including interest and everything else? What is everything else that goes into a payment?
7. Is the payment of the initial loan a separate payment than the mortgage?
8. What else do I need to know before buying a house?
How is that disturbing? I have, excuse me, “we” have a hard time understanding that. “We” were simply asking some questions, it was just a quick thing, I didn’t even think about using we instead of “I’. Excuse me, I’m sorry.
Also, he’s not just someone that’s buying a house with me. We’ve been together for almost three years and going to be married soon, so I don’t think that we’ll have any problems! 🙂

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