What’s the additional cost that needs to be figured into a home loan other than then actual payment?

The mortgage company said they would give me a 7% interest rate, not bad considering my credit is shot. So I punch that into a amortization calculator and get a payment on a $ 75,000 house at $ 498.98. Yet, the broker said my payment would be about $ 705. What else are they figuring in to the payment?
What formula or numbers are the lenders using to give me the rough number? How can I figure the taxes, insurance, etc cost myself so I can get a better number on paper to build my budget around?

I went to some mortgage calculator website and put those numbers.

Loan amount: $ 100,000
Interest rate: 5.20 %
Amortization: 25

Monthly mortgage payment will be: $ 593.04
Yearly: $ 7116.48

What really confused me was when I calculated the total payment after 25 years.

7116.48 X 25 = $ 177,912

The question is, how come only %5.20 interest rate will end up paying about 77K over the original 100k price of the property? Or is it how things work out for mortgages? Sorry I’m from 3rd world countries and kinda don’t get things right over there.

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