whats a good job for?

some one with about 13 years in mortgage,

when it comes to mortgage I have done everything,

home sales, loan officer, procesing, closing, 2nd party transfer(where the loans are actually sold from the portfolio to another lender) mortgage account rep (the person that works for the lender and goes from office to office soliciting) and now finally forclosure property preservation, repo and reo

I am fluent in and understand most lending polocy(freddie,fanny, v.a. fha,)I can operate most software involved with the job, (d.u. d.o. ap blast,caylx point)

but with the markets sharp downturn I am looking to get out, so where would one with these skills look next ????

I would like to stay inside finance as I seem to be fairly good at it and I enjoy the work more than anything else that I have done

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