whats a good interest rate on first time homebuyer?

have been currently approved with builder. Still going through process to finalize. I have been given a 80/20 on my 137k loan for my first home. they have given me 80@6.5% and 20@8.5% on a fixed 30yr loan. I have a laptop im paying off (about $ 1800 left to pay) and a bmw i’m paying off (about 55×808.72/mo). I can handle payments, but wondering if I’m getting screwed with my home loan. I checked on myfico.com and my credit score is 714 and I fall in the texas home loan at 5.966%. Is my laptop and bmw the reason i got a higher interest rate? and if so how can i improve the home loan situation so as not to pay $ 1110/month on new home but less than that. Any ideas/suggestions/recommnedations would be greatly appreciated. I’m currently 24 years old. Thnx in advance!
Here’s an update: I graduated college with a BS in EET@20 and started working before I graduated school. I have been with my company for 3.5yrs and have a secure gob. Average anual salary 62k.

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