What would you say if the federal government announced this morning?

Announced the following: 1 (under any party) Our priority is 1 # in order to balance the budget, we will cut any programs until we realized that negative 250 billion to begin to reduce the national debt, our country in a few years zerstört.2. We get rid of the IRS with a national sales tax of 16.5% to do, no deposit, not related to big brother, what you machen.3. Businesses, companies, banks, people still large mortgage you’re on your own. No more than the taxpayers save you. In their place, new business models to take charge of their own Handlungen.4. Children who have no health protection: We will not ask taxpayers to others and called them selfish for not providing coverage … but we are very radical and ask their parents why they do not care for their Kinder.5. No more free lunch at school: We will put on new parents they wonder why their child is still hungry .. we will be radically and ask parents to do their own Kinder.6. New Law: We no longer accept loans from foreign governments and holds the American people hostage to countries like China7. where small businesses / small businesses are a potential advantage to compete globally, they are no longer taxed on the planet. We greatly reduced the burden on the government to create and recognize they are the engine of our economy and employment. We now believe that prosperity can not flow from Washington, but after Washington.8. Behavior problems in public schools: We will not tolerate behavior of each student more confused. If you disturb the class (3) times you will be excluded from public education for life and you can eat in the garbage for the rest of life, but you can not steal from others who know wollen.Ich about 30 more ….. but you get my point of view

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