What will the housing market do after the $8,000 tax credit is over April 30th?

I am a 1st time home buyer, who thought I had a home till last week…I had a contract on what I was informed a modular home. After they changed my closing date 3 times, ()first one was supposed to be March 15th) they did an appraisal lastly and it came back as a “on frame” modular home, classifying it as a “mobile” home. Here on our coast, financing for “mobile” homes is impossible and would cost a FORTUNE to insure. So after fighting and searching and stressing like crazy to try to find a home in my price range for the past week and the deadline creeping up, I think I am at a loss…I am wondering what y’all think the housing market will do after the $ 8,000 tax credit expires?

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