What to do with a large influx of cash?

My husband and I are 27 years old and we each make about $ 40,000 a year. We have no credit card debt or education debt. We own a home which we bought with an FHA mortgage. We now owe about $ 130,000 on the home, plus $ 19,000 to a family member for improvements to the home. I have car debt of $ 7000. We each have a small amount of retirement savings of less than $ 10,000. My husband is looking to make a big commission of $ 40,000-$ 200,000 in the next few months. Should we:

*Set up a rainy day fund in case we lose our jobs (we both have good job security)
*Pay down our mortgage & family loan or pay it off if possible
*Put the money into an IRA for retirement
*Home improvement projects (replacement windows, roof repairs)
*Split the money between these costs, and if so, how?
*Buy new cars 🙂


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