What to do in this dreadful situation, Someone HELP ME on how to defend myself and stand up!?!?!?

For all those daily yahoo answerers, i am 23 i am sure you ahve heard my story before, back in April, my ex of four years and my 3 year old son’s mother took off and move out to be with some japanese breakdancer. The whole situation hurts me and distraught me till this very day. First she cheated and left, took my son from me and his birth home, items and possessions. Then, the car that we both shared, she thieved it also, the reason was that i let her put the insurance and the title on her name because she was older and it was cheaper and now i am paying ofr the price of it. Easily, she replaced another father for my son. As of right now, things are not as well, she filed for support and they assigned a 30 percent of my paycheck and it is really killing me right now considering i am still a college student. Things are still very painful but i am trying the best way to survive. we are going through a custody battle, but the chances of me winning are very slim. She has turned hostile and vindictive, she threatend my parents and said that she does not survive here in nyc, she will take the child back to tennessee where she coems from. What else can i do to protect myself? Protect my money? Stop letting this selfish, narcissitc “WOMAN” take advantage and step on me. I am furious at this whole stiuation and it seems as though, my mind is set up for defending myself with every dignity that i have left with, i’ve still haven’t the capabilities and resources to do so. I am really dissappointed at the whole thing and ashamed at myself that i have trusted this person and was my significant other at some point, i must’ve been stupid. Some just help with a few words please

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