What to do if I don’t want loan from a mortgage service?

Arg, this is killing me. I am getting bombard with questions from my mother about buying a house after she signs a big thick paper at mortgage services.

She tells me that she talked to real estate agent (didn’t sign aynthing with the agent she says) and the agent refered her to mortgage broker. She went to the broker and supposedly broker needed her info and signatures to crapload of paperwork to run some reports to get her the loans she need like % and amount and stuff.

my mother claims that she read everything and it was all about releasing information. I got a thick packet from wachovia saying that the loan is approved but hte interest rate seems really high. so my mom just wants to back out.

What should we do?! we are really confused. I am just telling my mom not to do any more stupid things anymore. and take action with intensive research from now on.

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