WHAT to do? Balloon Mortgage NOW due!?

I know answer – lose home – but I’m looking for other advice!
New home we built in 07 – have $ 100k – can’t refinance anywhere – bank only gave us a 1 year balloon – which is now due in a few days. note, this if for entire mortgage. They may extend, but we don’t have paperwork yet or maybe they just want home!
We are not late – just owe property taxes yet.
I guess we most likely have no grounds to sue since we signed paperwork, right?
Should I consider a loan modification attorney since they seem unwilling to work with us and just want all their money?
Scratch the grounds for suing – I know that what we have is all hear say. We’ve told them we can’t afford it and bottom line is we should of gave them house when they refused to give us more $ to finish construction a year ago. They told us to beg, steal and borrow to get Occupancy and they’ll turn around and give us HELOC. They never did and we’re stuck. Our fault for believing crooks. What do you do? Let them have what they wanted all along – the home.
They want the loan off their books and paid for in full. That is what they want. We can’t find a way to make it happen, so we lose home. I guess that is the bottom line. Just looking for an ounce of hope. 🙂

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