What to do after a Pay for Delete agreement? I want to settle?

I have been reading up on credit repair. I chose only three companies I can pay off for now. I submitted Debt verification and validation forms, only one has come back. So I want to submit a pay for deletion letter, if accepted what is my next step? I want to settle on these amounts. Example I owe $ 1000 I get a pay for deletion back accepted. How do i get them to settle for $ 750? I’ve seen some say just tell I want to matter resolved quickly, and only have $ 750 today to settle this debt. Are there any preset letters for negotiating after a pay to delete is accepted? Do I need to say this in the pay to delete letter? Do I need to say in PFD I will pay $ 750 today if your company agrees to delete this in from my credit report? Thanks in advance

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