What to do about an unpaid mortgage?

I bought a house with my then boyriend about 8 yrs ago, we split not long after and havent made a payment for well over a year and havent been in contact with the lender for the same amount of time. I am no longer in contact with him and dont know where he is etc. I want to get things sorted and know that sinnce im soley doing it im responsible for it all. Just wondering if anyone has any advice as to how I should approach the lender or wether it would be best to consult with a solicitor first?
katt how about if you dont have anything useful to say dont say anything at all!
katt you can do what you want but i put this post up because i wanted genuine opinions, not for people to tell me what i already know. why do you reply to people just to laugh at them or make stupid comments.
Maybe so but since your obviously a veteran of the site you should know better 😛

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