What should you do when regarded as an application for credit card companies?

I had the highest rating for over 20 Jahre.Mein son was sick and I’m tired of hospital bills starb.Ich everyday look “so I took a loan and paid. I was literally sick and diagnosed with diabetes. I ended up sleeping as much as I could not even work. Krankenversicherung.Ich I did not get much better with my health, but at the age of 50 I remember not pass so for me when I was at the age of 25 years haben.Also I went into my own business because I am in control of how I work. But I could not pay my bills, so I wanted to make checks on the credit card Kreditaufnahme.Im January, the cards zero percent has been with me loading a percentage. They said it would begin in late January, but began mid Jan.Dann they will not send me a bill until it was … I know it’s my fault, but sick, it’s really hard to do them all together and now I need to know to help ist.Ich late fees then told that my rate would increase to 27.00% This is overwhelming me loaded. I feel cheated after paying thousands and I ceased to pay, except for $ 10 a month because I have so verwirrt.Ich about it and do not want to lose everything, because I have no money to pay these crooks’m still a card that I I started to use and the limit was about $ 8000 I’m the one just before the maximum. Then I went to my son to go and share a few thousand dollars on the card that I can use it to bezahlen.Wenn tickets and car rental rental car I was the man they stole it and left. My husband gave the money, but they would not take it. So I left my son away from home while he was at work, no car … The credit card co. reducing the amount that I could resume after me to pay more than $ 2000 months. They left me stranded and who knows how a diabetic and can not bring peanut butter and other food on airplanes, I really know krank.Ich took the car, so I called a Shuttle service to my son in the house and the next day credit cards accepted cooperation. They said they checked my credit report and saw not paying the cooperation of others. I told them I had never before not to pay, etc. They do not care. I asked him to help me while I was visiting my son, because I do not pollute, it is not related to my problems. No, they did not darum.Ich told them that if they do not help me now I would not if I paid them back, even … It everything I could imagine haben.Nun some influence, they are creative solutions to my problem? I have a mortgage and equity, that I could pay, but these credit card companies are predatory me so much I’m not sure if I declare bankruptcy or simply pay more until I can get a more solid basis. What is the best way around this problem?

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