What should I do if I cannot read the contents, compose, reply and move an yahoo email?

With the original yahoo version, I cannot find the contents of inward email, nor can I reply, compose or move an email to another file from the inbox. After switching to the new veta yahoo version, I managed to read the contents when outside messages kept popping up to cover the contents of the messages as I read it ! Same as happened in the original version, I failed to compose, reply and move an email, other than deleting them. I tried to follow Yahoo advice to remove the problem by clicking the Option at the top right hand corner (which is only available in the old Yahoo version), click the General Preference in Management Column, choose the Plain Text and scroll to the bottom to click “Save”. Funny enough at this last stage, I failed after a series of clicks to “save” at the last step and all efforts were abortive. I further tried to “contact” Yahoo Customer Service as advised, yet this is not provided in the screen.

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