What should I do as a student, so I’ll be able to afford a house in the future?

I have lived my entire life living in the flats of my youth and adolescence. My parents were very lazy and uneducated. They spend most of their paycheck to alcohol or playing! However, they were loving parents, so I can not accept. But how do I go to buy a house later in the future? I only have 4,000 of personal savings. My biggest worry in life was in the apartment that I have always had disputes with their neighbors with them to take drugs, smoking, loud music, lack of privacy. This firm decision to pursue my dream, my goal is to own a property beeinflusst.Ich graduated from UCLA with a degree in nursing and in my first year at medical school. What should I do? My credit score is 650 and I’m not really knowledgeable in the field or property. I’m going back to school are ready but I am willing to work very hard and determined to be a loan or rent the house, but not just an apartment. Any advice is geschätzt.Soll I am in contact with a banker? or a broker?

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