What should I do ……??

I’m almost 25yrsold. I want to go back to school this fall semester …. I used to be a student at a community college, hoping that in my country at the University next fall. Because I’m 24 years older, I am considered an independent status and therefore no financial aid based solely on my income and I work part time a little less than 40yr, which is why I * do * get no support or “free money”. So I have to take a student loan if I want to go to school, it will 15crhrs for both fall and spring of 30crhrs year. I do not know how to take a student loan if! I always pay my credit cards at school, but now I do not have enough available credit to do it now, plus I do not want to use a credit card to uuesti.Nii my dilemma is …. I need money for school. Also, I have a large debt. I have $ 11k in credit cards, auto loan and bought a $ 12k home-town a few years ago … So I have a mortgage ka.Mida should I do to get rid of these financial channels? Right now I am doing everything I can to reduce costs, as I can. But still, I get rid of debt fast. I want to focus on school!, I could sell my car and downsize to a very pleasant, where I must 5k max (I want cheap car) instead of 12k, which will allow me 7grand win! :)-I could also rent my hometown for more than my mortgage, if possible and affordable for profit, then pay off my student loans krediitkaarte.Kas do I make enough money to pay tuition and to repay credit card debt, part of me too? Is this reasonable? So I leave beyond the interest ….** for the spring semester to come, I want to do an internship for an internship program through the public school. Although to get it, I still take lessons from my college … (So ​​I guess I have to take classes online because I can not be in two places at once) …. … and plus I can not afford to keep going because I want to graduate soon. Anyway, I really want to do an internship in the country! What should I do? I think the course is half of the 10th January -. April .** Then, after my return, the Spirit Squad tryouts in April at your local university, I really want to be a team, or at least try to compete with their skills, so I need to refresh this year before proovimist.MIDA DO anything? I order to do these things? I can reduce my hours 15hrs per week when I need my employer …. to be able to achieve these things.

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