What leverage does a homeowner have against an insurance company when a claim is being questioned?

My home burned down a few weeks ago and the insurance company is telling me that they question my occupancy, which they say could void my policy. This is the only home I own, on the lake, was formally a rental, completely renovated over the summer, occupied it all summer/fall long, and was not living in it at the time of the fire because the gas company was delayed in installing a new gas line. We had no heat so lived elsewhere temporarily. Our driver’s license, bills, etc show that residence. We can provide sworn witnesses. The insurance company knows all of this, but still question. What can I do? I hear a jury of my peers is a huge advantage for me against an insurance company. Any suggestions of helping avoid a long process which I am confident that would favor me? It seems like the insurance company will want to play hard ball just because they can!

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