What lenders offer zero down mortgage loans?

I will not have enough for a down payment. Yes, I know it is better to have one, but I do not, and desperately need to purchase my home. I am responsible and pay my bills on time, my credit is good my middle score is 692, my debt to income ratio is 36%. I want to get a loan to try to take advantage of the 1st time home buyers credit.

Thank you in advance for your answers. 🙂
Perhaps you didn’t hear my question… please read the first sentence and do not answer unless you can advise me of some lenders that do offer zero down home loans… that is why I posted the question.

In addition my debt to income ration IS NOT HIGH and you are ridiculous for saying so, my loan officer today told me that my debt to income was perfect and where it should be… upon further investigation this website will explain it to you so that you can understand:


In addition, you are borderline disrespectful by saying that my debt to income ration is “extremely” high, please educate yourself before shooting off at the mouth. I would be curious to now how great yours is then! Sorry to go on a tangent I just want to know WHAT LENDERS OFFER ZERO DOWN FINANCING.
You know what, I asked a simple f’n question. Seriously! I should’ve have never supplied additional information b/c it is the biggest f’n distraction from my actual question. I am not an idiot. I am perfectly capable. My bf and I purchased our first home with a worse credit score than I currently have and got a great rate in 07′, also we have no problems saving money… in fact I have money to put down and would rather have it for reserve. I am only purchasing a small investment property under 80K. You guys are so full of yourself that you would rather answer questions like a f’n telephone operator that hates her job and quotes policy to annoy people. I am not applying for a long with you! I came to yahoo answers to get a f’n answer not a CREDIT COUNSELING SUPPORT GROUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I already own a home!!!!!!!!!!! I have for 5 years, and everything in my bf’s name so that I can buy my first home. DON’T RESPOND UNLESS YOU CAN ANSER THE QUESTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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