What kind of mortgage interest rate can I get with a 660 credit score?

I have a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy that was discharged 3 years ago. Will mortgage lenders even consider me for a loan of $ 100,000, with a gross yearly income of $ 75,000?

Since my bankruptcy, all of my payments have been on time, paying off credit cards (I have two) monthly. I have a school loan paid up to date, and no other bills. I check my credit score monthly, and for the past 6 months my score has been hovering around 660. I know it takes time, but what may lenders be willing to offer me with my current status? Should I wait another year or two before applying for a first time home loan?
Would renting an apartment for a couple of years “up” my credit score, and look better for lenders down the road?
I guess I’m in a “toss-up” between buying and renting. I just don’t want to waste any more money on renting. But I’ll rent again if it looks good to lenders, and a better interest rate. I know I have to pay somewhere along the line due to my own past financial mistakes.

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