What kind of loan for my situation????

Need some help, not very knowledgable with different loan types. my family has been in current home for 4 years. Bought for $ 184,000 I still have 175,000 left on loan at 6% interest rate. I don’t know exactly what my credit score is but I know its over 750.

We are looking to expand our family so finishing the 600 square foot basement is a must. Whats the best loan option for me???? Refinance, Home Equity or Home Equity line of credit. I need at least 10,000 to finish the basement as close as I can figure. Would like to stay in the house for another 8 years or so but if none of these are going to work out then I will be selling it for a bigger house. If it helps I have no credit card debt, just the mortgage and 2 car payments. I have student loans as well.

Any advise would be great

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