What kind of heart do you have?A little quiz to find out how your heart is.:]?

Quiz made by Hyamo Daouk
11 Your lover ask’s you to dinner?
You accept and end up going to the club with em instead.
You ask if maybe you could go dancing instead.
You accept and tell ’em to pick you up.
You say no and the next day you five em a gift.
You say yes and at the end you tell him you had fun.
You say youd rather go out with your friends.
You say your not in the mood.

22 Your at the mall with your friends,you spot a cute puppy?
You buy him and then sell him so you could have more pain.
You go pkay with him,and end up not getting him.
You dont buy him.
You buy him for your best friend.
You buy him for your lover.
You keep him for yourself.
You buy him and torture him.

33 Your invited to a summer party?
leather jacket with leather pants and leather boots
A delicat little dress with flats
All black.
a small tank dress with leggings
Tights and a long shirt.
Whatever people suggest you.
Skinnies and a flattering tank with heels.

44 Favirote color?
Simple colors
Any dark colors

55 Where would you hang out w/ friends on friday night?
I would go to an amazing night club.
I’d chill at my house wth them and order pizza.
I would go to sleepover at my BFF’s house.
I would go shopping.
I would go to a concert.
I would just stay home and cry.
I would go and crash a party.

66 What kind of animal would you rather have as a pet?

77 Someone asks you to do them a favor and go get them their dry cleaning?
You will get her stuff but you will leave it in her room
You tell her you are busy.
You tell them to do it therselves.
You tell her your going out and you wont have time.
You say yes and keep it until she gets home.
You say yes if they can do something for you.
You say maybe and then you end up not getting it.

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